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Mediumship came naturally to me. Growing up, I always found what he needed at each stage. For instance, my family didn’t talk about religion but when I was six my best friend, who was Catholic, helped me learn about God. And when I had daily out of body experiences between the ages of 13 and 23, I travelled to heaven where I was sometimes taught by a guide.

My gift for mediumship first started to appear in my twenties when I would simply know things that there was no way he could have known. I received this information from spirits of those who had passed over and at first I had no idea to what to make of it. Eventually I asked God for help and, bit by bit, the pieces started to fall into place. I soon found the right books and the right people to help me in my journey. As I gained confidence, I started doing readings for people.

After many years of doing readings in person I began to do them on the radio in Phoenix. It seems surreal to think back on that experience, it all happened so quickly. The announcer explained what I did and that he would take calls – suddenly the phone lines lit up. That was it.

After that I came back monthly and since then have always had a home somewhere on the Phoenix radio dial. The radio format allows me to help countless people at the same time as many of the questions he is asked are universal:
Is my departed loved one alright on the other side?
Did my miscarried child go to heaven?
Do we go somewhere when we pass?

When I assure the worries for one caller while others listen, many hearts are calmed.

It is always a pleasure hearing from you so if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you. Please, use the contact information from this page to contact me for any issue or question.

Please, understand that I receive a lot of emails and can't reply to everyone, so please, be patient and understand that you may not receive a reply.